Frequently Asked Questions – Ramayana Water Park

How can we help?

We have collected the most frequently asked questions and answers below. If you have any other queries before your arrival, feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to help you!

  1. How often can use the attractions?

    You can use all our slides and pools as often and as long as you like. Tickets include access to all waterslide facilities, incl. tubes, mats and life jackets for the full day.

  2. Can I use my mobile phone, action camera or selfie stick at the waterpark?

    Yes, we have many interesting scenic points where we encourage you to use your camera and to keep your memories and share them with friends.

    All cameras are forbidden on all slides which are used without tubes (Aqua Loop, Freefall and Matt Racer), and we do not encourage the use in all other slides, as you might easily lose your valuable item and as it will certainly get wet. Fore the slides with tubes you can use any action camera in case you may use on one of the following straps below:
    – Head Strap
    – Chest Strap
    – Wrist Strap

    We have installed an automatic photo and video system at most of our slides, and you will be able to send and share with friends for FREE. Just scan your wristband before having a ride and get your materials right after at any of the photo kiosk stations in the park.

    Cameras are allowed in the lazy river and in our pools, but they should be well protected (you can buy waterproof covers in The Shop).
    Please note that selfie sticks are strictly not allowed at all our attractions.

  3. Can we bring our own beach stuff to the Waterpark?

    No. For the safety of other guests you are not allowed to bring any items such as beach ball, flying discs etc. into the Waterpark.

  4. Can I bring an umbrella or shade structure?

    A handheld umbrella is permitted except when using attractions. Umbrellas and other structures that stake into the ground or attach to seating are not permitted.

  5. Can I bring my own chair?

    No. Chairs are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis

  6. Under what weather conditions does the park close and what happens to my ticket?

    We will close our attractions when unsafe conditions – strong winds, strong rain and lightning – are present. We will re-open when weather conditions in the immediate area are safe to do so. In the event we cannot re-open our attractions within 75 minutes before 5pm, you will receive a full return visit ticket, which will be valid for 30 days.  KEEP YOUR WRISTBAND! Your wristband must be intact and on your wrist to be valid for a replacement ticket.   No refunds are issued regardless of time spent in the park.

  7. Am I allowed to smoke in the Waterpark?

    Many of our guests choose not to wear footwear around the Waterpark. For their safety and out of respect for those who prefer not to be exposed to cigarette smoke, we only allow smoking in the designated smoking areas. We have designed those smoking areas to be comfortable for those who want to smoke.

  8. Can I bring a picnic?

    Due to general hygiene regulations, food or beverages are not allowed to be brought into Ramayana Waterpark. The Park offers a wide variety of delicious and affordable food and beverages.

    Exceptions are made for Guests with special medical needs where their wellbeing may be compromised while in the park. Guests with special medical needs will be required to show proof of their medical condition. We also allow dedicated baby food in our park, and our restaurants will be happy to heat drinking water for baby bottles.

  9. What if my party gets separated?

    Establish a time and place to meet. If your kids are old enough to be on their own, make sure they check in periodically for sunscreen and drink breaks. If you do get unintentionally separated, alert any staff member. We have established a meeting area near the entrance between the locker area and The Shop. If you lose your child, our staff will pick him / her up and take to the Aqua Splash area, where our well trained staff will take excellent care. The Aqua Splash kid’s meeting point will be relocated to the general meeting area near the entrance after 5.30pm.

  10. Can children visit Ramayana Water Park on their own?

    Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Only children 15 years old and above can visit the park by their own.

  11. Do you have special meals for children?

    You will find a dedicated children’s menu at our Kids restaurant. We also provide high-chairs at The Lake restaurant.

  12. Are there any special regulations on what children need to wear?

    Children must also wear dedicated swimwear at all times. For hygiene reasons, swim diapers are required for children under three years of age. Swim diapers are available for purchase at The Shop.

    All restrooms have diaper change tables available.

  13. Can I wear a wet suit?

    Wetsuits are not allowed on any of the slides although are permissible in the pool areas.

  14. What may I wear in the swimming and riding areas?

    Ramayana is a family Waterpark. Appropriate, conservative swimwear only please. Swimwear is defined as an article of clothing, such as a swimsuit, that has been designed to be used in a pool environment. Swimwear should be lined and may not be transparent at any time. Revealing swimwear will not be permitted.

    The correct swimwear needs to be without zippers, buckles, studs or any other metal attachments. Cut off jeans, denim clothing, t-shirts and shoes cannot be worn on the body contact slides. If a shirt must be worn on the slides, only spandex, lycra or rash guard shirts may be worn. No undergarments may be visible at any time. No profanity / vulgar images or bad language allowed. Displayed tattoos must not be offensive to our family environment.

  15. Do I need footwear?

    All our walkways are specially designed to absorb heat as little as possible, and we are committed to keeping our park clean and safe. Therefore you can walk without shoes. However, it always safer to use footwear when you will walk. If you have not brought any, you can purchase slippers and flip flops in The Shop.

  16. Can children use floaters?

    Personal swimming aids, like wings or swim rings, may be used in our pools, but not on our adult slides. Big inflatable items, like mattresses, may not be used.

  17. Does Ramayana Waterpark provide life jackets?

    Life jackets are provided free of charge on a first come, first serve basis. Sizes are available from infants through adults.

  18. May I leave and re-enter the park without a charge?

    After purchasing the entry ticket, Guest has the right for one entry and one exit. The beginning of the visit starts after Guest cross the entry line, and the end – stepping out of the park’s territory. To get into the park back Guest needs to get another entry ticket.

  19. What about my valuables?

    The best thing is to leave them at home. Please don’t bring them into the Waterpark or leave them exposed in your car. Lock money and keys in a locker, that you can rent for a small fee. Please also note that jewelry like metal bracelets or chains cannot be worn on our slides. Ramayana is not responsible for items that are lost or stolen from vehicles or from inside the Waterpark.

  20. I am not going to use the slides. Do you have a spectator rate?

    We do not offer spectator tickets but even if you don’t wish to ride you will find numerous activities (see “Attractions”) and things to do, many of them that allow you to truly enjoy your day without going near to water!

  21. What if I forget my bathing suit, sunglasses or sunscreen?

    All these items and many more may be purchased at The Shop, which accepts our cashless payment system, as well as cash and credit cards. You can also rent a towel at the entrance to the changing and locker area.

  22. Do I have to pay for tubes to use on the attractions?

    No, tubes are provided free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis.

  23. How much is parking?

    We offer ample free parking space.

  24. How do I pay in the Waterpark?

    We have established a cashless payment system, which works with your entrance wristband. You can load credit on to your wristband at our Cashier Desks in the customer service area and at the entrance area to The Shop. At The Lake Restaurant you can use Thai Baht as well as Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards to load your wristband “wallet” to pay for your purchases there. Please note that all other bars and kiosks only accept cashless payment.

  25. How can I become a Ramayana Waterpark member?

    A membership provides great benefits, including immediate discounts and 5% off purchases inside the park. Membership is free and without any obligations, and you can learn more and enroll by visiting our Become a Member section.

  26. Does Ramayana Waterpark offer any discounts?

    We do offer some promotions on tickets from time to time. Please visit the News & Promotions section on this website. We also offer dedicated promotions to our Ramayana WaterPark members, which include reduced ticket prices when returning to the park, birthday specials and an immediate 5% discount on all in-park purchases, including items in The Shop, all food and beverages and much more. See the information below on how to become a member.

  27. Can I have birthday or kids’ party in the Waterpark?

    We will be happy to organize special kids’ parties for 10 or more children. Please call +66 (0) 3005946 for details or send us a message through our Contact Us page.

    We offer special birthday deals to our members, please visit the Members section.

  28. How can I buy tickets?

    The most comfortable way is to buy your tickets safely is online at our Buy Ticket  section. You can also buy tickets at our Cashier Desks, but please note that holders of online tickets will get preference when the park reaches its capacity limit.

  29. What if I have questions after I arrive?

    You will find Information Counters in the ticket area and, after entering the park, in the changing area. You can also ask any of our 250 staff for help – they will be only too happy to assist you.

  30. What if I have questions before I arrive?

    You will probably find answers to most questions on our web site. If you need more support, please feel free to contact our Support Center:
    Monday – Sunday from 08:30 until 19:00
    Tel: +66(0)-3300-5929